Chassis – Built on a Class 3 truck

Our traditional chassis features Ford, Dodge and GMC; but if you need or just want another manufacturer’s truck or series, just let us know and we can work out all the details with you. The Cabin is located in the back seat area. There is enough room for a small desk, computer, printer and controls. The basic unit has the controls mounted on the rear tailgate and does not included a cabin.


All of our units feature hydrostatic direct drive winches. These systems are virtually backlash and maintenance free. There are no chains with the accompanying backlash, tensioning and lubrication issues. All of our hydraulics are electromechanically controlled, or fly by wire. The controls are precise and non-fatiguing.


Our easily mastered controls make line motion due to operator error less likely. The braking system gives positive control of line motion under all conditions, including drive or control failure.


Measuring System – We traditionally install a basic counter wheel on the basic units or a Delve Measuring System in our upper end trucks, but we can and will install any system of your preference.


Our climate control systems are suitable for use in cold northern climates and in hot desert climates. A high tech sound system, extended range cell phone, GPS, internet connection, 25′ boom crane, microwave oven, coffee maker are just some of the options that will increase comfort and productivity.

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