Offshore Wireline Skid (OLS32)

Body Construction
Aluminum with foam insulation. The body is designed and constructed to withstand frequent immersion in heavy waves resulting in no leakage. We’ve built our skid to accommodate, so a person can stand erect inside.

Our skid is built for ease of view. Any operator can see from the crown block to the drilling floor wherever the skid is placed on the platform.

The power from the engine goes directly to the cable. As a result the hydraulic reservoir and cooler are compact and lightweight.

All of our units feature hydrostatic direct drive winches. These systems are virtually backlash and maintenance free. There are no chains with the accompanying backlash, tensioning and lubrication issues. All of our hydraulics are electromechanically controlled, or fly by wire. The controls are precise and non-fatiguing.

Our easily mastered controls makes line motion due to operator error less likely. The braking system gives positive control of line motion under all conditions, including drive or control failure. Air start motor, spark arresting muffler..

With the all aluminum body, the efficient structures of the drum, mount, and powerful drive gives a system that weighs up to 3,200 pounds less than comparable equipment.

Modular in Design
You can disassemble, without tools, to three components; the power module, the drawworks, and the cabin with frame. The components do not have to be assembled for operation. Lifting provisions are made for each module. Each module can be operated separated from the other two.

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